January 19-21, 2018

Place Bonaventure

Montréal, Québec

The Monde Osé Lounge and Burlesque Stage

Centered on the show floor is the brand new Monde Osé Lounge and Burlesque Stage! Hosted in the Monde Osé booth, the Fresh Faces of Burlesque Stage will add a splash of style to this year’s show. To promote their upcoming event, the 12th annual Royal Burlesque Ball, Monde Osé has a schedule of beautiful local burlesque talent who will be showcasing their seductive skills over the course of the weekend.

Burlesque Schedule
Time Friday Burlesque Stage Featuring
7:45 Naked City The Lady Josephine
8:45 Sex Drums Sugar Vixen
9:45 Blue Classic Koston Kreme
10:30 Rock Burlesque Celesta O'Lee
Time Saturday Burlesque Stage Featuring
1:45 Blue Classic Koston Kreme
2:45 Yer Blues Sugar Vixen
3:45 Rock Burlesque Celesta O'Lee
4:30 Blue Classic Koston Kreme
7:45 Sex Drums Sugar Vixen
8:45 Naked City The Lady Josephine
9:45 Rock Burlesque Celesta O'Lee
10:30 Blue Classic Koston Kreme
Time Sunday Burlesque Stage Featuring
12:45 Yer Blues Sugar Vixen
1:45 Rock Burlesque Celesta O'Lee
2:45 Blue Classic Koston Kreme
3:45 Sex Drums Sugar Vixen
4:45 Rock Burlesque Celesta O'Lee

The 2017 Royal Burlesque Ball will be taking place on Saturday March 18th at the Rialto Theatre. Look forward to performances, live DJs, lounging, private bar, and more!

DJ Schedule

Rcvr: 5:00pm - Midnight

Rcvr: 11:00am - Midnight

moodryder: 11:00am - 6:00pm

DJ and Burlesque Performers

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