January 19-21, 2018

Place Bonaventure

Montréal, Québec

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The ALCC is committed to providing information, education, counseling, socialization, and support for alternative lifestyles and marginalized communities. We support our vision through activities, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, certified and peer counselling, and resource materials.

We strive to break down misconceptions and fear about alternative lifestyles and marginalized communities, create awareness in the greater society, and bring acceptance and understanding of these communities and its individuals.

It is our sincere hope that one day we will be able to work towards legislation to support and protect these communities and their identities. This will require enormous support from professionals in law, psychology, government, etc. If you are one of these people, please contact us!


Erotic Bondage For Lovemaking
This demonstration shows you basic rope ties and how to use them safely to increase pleasure in your bedroom and strategically place those knots for total ecstasy.
Art of Sensual Spanking
This demonstration explores the safety and sensual art of spanking by showing you how to warm up your partner’s body and skin, creating stimulation through light spanking and delivering them into an erotic trance through rhythm, movements and the sounds of impact.
Sensory Play In A Vacbed
Ever wondered what it would be like to be fully surrounded by soft, slippery latex and held snug and tight like being tucked into bed? This demonstration allows you to experience the sensation by trying it yourself. This is NOT a full enclosure vacbed so your head is not covered, only your body. For the full effect of latex as a second skin, our demonstrators will be equipped with ice if you dare!
Falling Under A Flogging Spell
This demonstration shows how to safely flog and the different types of flogging one can give or experience. The misconception of flogging as hard or painful is demystified as the demonstrator massages and caresses the demo model and puts them under a spell. Hear from the person being flogged about just how much pleasure the flogging can give.

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